Asian Cafe & Grill

Take out, Delivery
Chinese Food, Vietnamese Food, Thai Food, Sushi

Business Hours:
Sun.-Thur.:11:00am-9:00 pm
Fri.-Sat.:11:00 am-9:30 pm

Delivery Minimum $30.
0~3.99Mile Delivery Charge $3

4~7Mile Delivery

Daily Specials:

(Hibachi) Free Egg Roll and Fried Carb Cheese Wonton, Any Order of Hibachi.

  • west1***** posted at 9/18/2023
    Food and service usually good. Not tonight. Delivery was slow. The brown rice I paid extra for was omitted from my order. 
  • ayt*** posted at 9/2/2023
    It would be helpful to have images or description of dishes instead of just the titles. That said, orderng online is easy and convenient. Food is always delivered warm and to order with great flavors and spice ratings!
  • sharon****** posted at 8/19/2023
    Have been looking for good fried rice and this is not it.  I would like to see the difference between their brown rice and the fried rice.  It was the most disappointing fried rice I have ever eaten.  The food is not anything to write home about either.  We will not be back.
  • bridget******** posted at 8/15/2023
    1st time customer on 8/14 for my birthday dinner. Ever single thing we ordered was phenomenal and Mary, our server, went above and beyond to create a wonderful experience for us. She was so helpful and attentive. She even sang me happy birthday! Will definitely be regulars here! 
  • wb*** posted at 6/26/2023
    🌍 Hello World! 🌍
  • yh*** posted at 6/1/2023
    Dont click me:
  • W* posted at 5/18/2023
    Please add your lunch menu to your website.
  • trad***** posted at 4/4/2023
    Cannot find your luncheon menu.
  • tvr*** posted at 3/21/2023
    The restaurant accommodated our large group beautifully. Food and service were excellent.  
  • randy.tra********** posted at 3/21/2023
    The best Asian restaurant we have eaten at in years!!!  We were there with a large group and everyone was impressed. Great food, huge portions and a friendly staff that provided wonderful service.
  • vicki****** posted at 2/2/2023
    Fried rice was like steamed rice with soy sauce... pork fried rice is the only option sorry you are sooooo cheap
  • vicki****** posted at 2/2/2023
    I was shocked at the prices... we will not be back. 
  • lol**** posted at 11/17/2022
    Thank you! We had the flu, and nothing sounded good to eat, finally we ordered here and it was so delicious! I will be recommending you!
  • caddi***** posted at 11/13/2022
    Easily the best Asian cuisine in Northern Colorado! And all of the staff are incredible.
    It's a family tradition, that we share with our friends, to celebrate anything and everything with Asian Cafe and Grill. 
  • h10134******* posted at 9/23/2022
    I'll be updating my last review. Much improved over last time. It seems you got the sweet and sour chicken figured out. Everything came in a timely manor and was delicious. Keep up the good work!
  • kirsti****** posted at 9/15/2022
    Ordering food on your website needs to be fixed. When I used my debit card to pay, my bank flagged your website as unsafe and unsecure and they blocked the transaction from happening! This is the 2nd time this has happened to me through your online ordering. Please get a more secure ordering system or I will not order anymore. It turns into a huge mess for your customers. I was on the phone with my bank for 25 minutes tonight for them to verify the charge because your website is so sketchy. 
  • fihab***** posted at 8/12/2022
     Expensive af for some gross garbage. 
  • bwhe**** posted at 7/25/2022
    Ordered for pickup. Did not receive our wontons or an order of fried rice. 
  • jde**** posted at 7/16/2022
    We have been customers for years - this past Thursday, I ordered shrimp with  cashews - there were 3 shrimp that were over cooked for $17.  White rice was not cooked properly. Very disappointing.
  • h10134******* posted at 7/2/2022
    The sweet and sour chicken needs to be figured out. We are use to tender chicken fried in batter. Your always turn in our so over cooked and dry. It's like chicken jerky. We have ordered 3 different times and each time is been in horrible.